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Here is some tips to help you choose the best Adelaide video production company to make your corporate video

Because most Australians watch around an hour of social video content a day, you already know it has to be part of your marketing strategy. Internet Videos are Adelaide’s leading Corporate Video Production Company.

Consumption of video in Australia has changed remarkably in the last five years. Marketers need to move at pace to keep up. 

If you are deciding on an Adelaide Video Production company to produce your corporate videos, we have some really useful tips on how to go about it!

Here are some really Quick tips;

  • Be clear on campaign objectives, and prioritise tactics that reach these objectives.
  • Manage reach and frequency. Focus budget within channels with the highest audience within your demographic – fish where the fish are.
  • Understand how various demographics use different platforms, and adapt activity based on these insights to generate maximum value.

However, as an increasing number of brands want video, many marketers don’t know where to start.

Even for savvy marketers, it isn’t necessarily easy to seek out the best Adelaide video production companies that are exactly right for you or your brand. Also if you haven’t worked with a third-party on video production before you might be wondering what it’s like. 

So, here are some things to consider when you’re ready to make a corporate video:

Understand the purpose of your corporate video

The best part of working with our video production team is that you can involve us early to develop and build out a creative concept. Knowing exactly why you’re making a video in the first place is a great understanding to bring to the table to allow for a more useful first meeting. 

Are you looking to introduce a new product or announce a rebrand? Showcase your brand personality? Engage a community in a fresh way? 

Know the reason you’re making a corporate video and what you want it to actually make your audience do before you even begin throwing out ideas to ensure all parties involved are strategically aligning with the concept.

Finding the right Adelaide video production company

Now that you know why you’re making your video, teaming up with the right Adelaide video production company can  help you create something that’s exactly what your company needs.

Some of the best Adelaide video production companies are typically poor marketers of their wares and usually survive via word of mouth. A Google search can be an OK start, but the trust factor is difficult to gauge.

So finding a reputable Adelaide video production company is a very crucial first step. Check out some of our videos by clicking here.

The internet is awash with corporate video content, but not everything is right for you or your brand. A good starting point? Look for video work that you wish you made. Ask those who have engaged an Adelaide video production companies to get a sense of whether they enjoyed the experience with that particular company.

Share your vision…

Once you’ve identified your Adelaide video production company it’s important to state why you’re making this video (you should always return to this point) and state your goals. If you can get the corporate vicdeo production company or excited about your project it will help get the creative juices flowing!

It’s great to have some do’s and don’ts in mind to kick off the conversation. This gives a corporate video production company a starting point to build from. 

Be open to ideas

A lot of Adelaide production companies have produced some amazing social media content. They likely have some experience and know-how to share – so be willing to leverage that! Your firm understanding of why you’re making a video must also allow for open-mindedness and creative collaboration.

Think outside the box 

Consider how you’re planning to share your video. How can you leverage your Adelaide corporate video production company to increase your video’s attention on social platforms? Ask them to cut a quick Instagram video to ensure you’re effectively using multiple platforms, or pull some behind-the-scenes stills to share across your social channels to supplement existing content (thus giving your content a longer shelf life). Brainstorm with your Adelaide video production company what extra content might make a difference and that way they’ll know it’s an expectation to capture these moments and assets.

Understand your budget

The question of budget is usually the second question you’ll be asked after “when is it due?” It’s crucial to have an idea of what you want to/can spend on a video production and let your production team show you what a project within that budget could look like.

For example, click here to look at the budget ranges we’ve worked within and what those final pieces looked like. This levels expectations for both parties and cuts down on the back and forth in the initial stages.

As with anything, getting started is often the hardest part – but once you take that initial step toward outsourcing your video production work, hopefully these six tips help make the process as seamless as possible. 

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