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Adelaide video production marketing can be an expensive exercise.

We know the thought of producing your Adelaide corporate videos can be overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to decide what Adelaide video production service you should choose for your business. At Internet Videos we’re constantly saying we make the best marketing agency videos and our clients believe it’s true – we offer better video production values at a fraction of the cost of other Adelaide marketing video companies.

Your business should be marketing with videos in order to promote your product and grow your audience. Businesses use our video production service in a variety of ways including;

  • Product videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Internal training videos
  • Testimonial videos
  • Promotional videos
  • Company culture videos
  • Social media videos

So, you can see there are lot of different formats to choose from for your business and we can guide you as to the best way to market your product or service.

We often find with producing our Adelaide corporate videos that promotional videos are by far the best way to promote and this makes a lot of sense. A promotional video around 3 minutes can fit into a lot of marketing channels.

A lot of marketing with videos centres on promotional videos and company culture videos.

Promotional videos

Promotional videos are like personal video invitations – kind of like you’re inviting guests to buy something from you whether it be a product or service or get to know you better. Corporate video production pitches your business while giving your audience a feel for your brand.

With this kind of Adelaide corporate videography, you’ll want to give a brief but detailed overview of what you’re promoting, along with a Call to Action that encourages viewers to become aware of your product or service, buy from you or get information they need to make a decision at a later date if they wish to engage with you.

Our Adelaide video production company finds that most corporate video production should come with an end goal and that is to generate leads by prompting your viewers to take an action.

Company culture videos

Company culture videos are becoming a new area for our Adelaide video production company. With the pandemic a lot of companies are having staffing issues and the best way to attract staff is show the company culture – pretty easy when you think about it!

The best way to promote your culture is by showing people having fun while they are working and showing that your environment is the best place in Adelaide to work in.

So, we’re not talking your ordinary corporate video production…

Did you throw a guacamole-making competition for your team during lunch one Friday? Show it off with a corporate video! Did your finance officer ride a unicycle to work? You have no choice but to make a video of the exceptional people you have in your business.

Marketing with videos such as these let customers and potential employees see what your business is really like to work with as both individual employees and a collective company. There’s no better way to connect with potential leads than by giving them a behind-the-scenes peek into workplace life. Is there a company dog? That can be your mascot for sure.

As a leading Adelaide video production company, we can’t stress enough how important it is producing corporate videos for recruiting purposes to show potential employees what your work environment is like. Don’t just describe your great company culture and list your cool benefits — show them how it works in action!

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