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Award winning creativity and production.

Through our background in feature films we’ve spent over 20 years creating TV advertising for local and national brands driven by core marketing principles that lead viewers to take action. A leading Adelaide TV Commercial Agency that gets results.

Adelaide Television Commercial Production

Targeted TV commercials, that sell

For certain industries and age groups, TV advertising is still a very viable investment. Between 50% of people aged 50+ spend twice as much time watching traditional TV, compared to millennials.

At Internet Videos we help you leverage this 50 – 65 + demographic that control 70% of disposable income, with highly-targeted, engaging and well-produced TV commercials.

Our TV commercials are rarely isolated. TV works best as part of a wider marketing strategy, with our Adelaide TV production company also producing social media videos to bring more customers to your business.

Television isn’t outside of your budget. If your target audience are people 50 and above television is a great platform to capture them. What’s more, we produce large or small budget TV commercials.

At Internet Videos we offer a perfect marriage of creative and production agency making the most of your budget. Our Adelaide TV production company is extremely proactive, handling everything from casting, location, crewing, studio and equipment hire – making you get the very best for your budget. Because Internet Videos is the leading video production company in Adelaide, you will get the most from your TV advertising budget.

Our Television Commercial Production Process

Our producer comes from both an advertising agency and TV advertising production backgrounds and has a unique and clear understanding of the entire process of bringing your brand to the small screen.


Regardless of the size of your TV commercial production, we work with you and your team to develop the best creative for your communication. We start by gaining an understanding of your company or product, from there we develop the best creative ideas.

The Ideas Stage

We always give our clients ideas to choose from and from there we refine those concepts based on your feedback.


At this stage we’ll start the process of writing your TV commercial script, all Australian TV advertising has to abide by a set of rules before going on air, and we can identify those bottlenecks during the television commercial script process. During pre-production we will work out the logistics of your TV commercial production that needs to take place.

Filming and Editing

Before any filming takes place, we’ll have a final pre-production meeting to sign-off all aspects of the shoot so that everyone is clear on what will happen during filming. Filming will either be on location or in a studio depending on what is the best creative solution. The footage from the shoot is then edited into your TV commercial which locks down shot selection and timing. Further refinements are made to the edit, graphics, effects and sound are all added until the finished TV commercial is polished and ready for delivery.

Clearances & TV Station Delivery

During the edit the TV advert is sent to the regulator, Clear Ads for final approval. Once your Adelaide television commercial is finished, we then send it to the TV networks in time for your media schedule.

Let’s take action.

As a leading Adelaide video production company we understand marketing and will create your message seamlessly with a minimum of fuss. We can help you get the most from your budget to make your brand inspiring.