Guide to producing Adelaide Marketing Videos.

Adelaide Marketing Videos

Video Marketing Adelaide – A user guide to producing Adelaide Marketing Videos.

Whether you’re looking to boost sales, launch a new product or scale your business, our Adelaide marketing videos can help you take your brand to the next level.

Using our Adelaide marketing video production services is a flexible and creative way to establish yourself as a brand leader and grab your target viewer’s attention.

Producing great Adelaide marketing videos can help you communicate your message at different stages in your customer journey and strengthen your content creation.

If you’re considering producing an Adelaide marketing video for your business, we want to share a few helpful questions you should ask when considering an Adelaide video production company:

  • What goals do you want to achieve with your video?

  • Who is your target audience?

  • What is your planned budget? 

Once you have these ideas in mind it will make approaching an Adelaide video marketing agency a much smoother process, as it will be easier to communicate your ideas and the goals you have in mind for your video!

Prior to meeting with an Adelaide marketing video production company will likely make the experience more efficient. A good Adelaide video marketing agency will be able to help solve your problems, and work with you to achieve your goals.

Be clear about the type of Adelaide marketing video you’re after.

  • Think about what you want the final video to look like and what tone it should have.
  • Do you have a script, or do you want us to help you write it?
  • Do you want social media cut downs?

This is something that you should decide early in the video production process to make sure that it’s built into the budget and timeline. Take a look at our portfolio by clicking HERE to get some ideas.

Initial enquiry 

Once you have this in mind, you can make your initial enquiry to the various Adelaide marketing video companies of your choosing. Ask the video production company the right questions when you enquire, to ensure that they are a right fit for you.

Do your due diligence by using the following guide:

  • Ask if the video production company have produced a similar video

  • Establish the timeline and scope of your Adelaide marketing video.

  • Know your budget estimate and time frame.

Because of the number of variables involved in an Adelaide marketing video production it is very difficult to do a one-price-fits-all. It is critical that the Adelaide video production company understands the client’s aims and its brand positioning.

After deciding on the perfect Adelaide marketing video agency, you can start the video production process.

At the beginning of a project, it’s important for your prospective Adelaide marketing video production company to understand what deliverables you require. Ask your company to describe how the delivery will be packaged i.e., main deliverables, source files etc. Including how you get the files and assets for the maximisation of the life-time of your product.

Milestones in Adelaide video production services

Concept development

Establishing the best way to reach your audience is critical. Our Adelaide marketing video production company will be able to guide you towards a concept which will achieve this goal.

Scheduling and planning

Deadlines for the video production will need to be organised. These will take into consideration the feedback you will give and the time necessary to incorporate them into the final version.

Site inspection

If our Adelaide video production agency will be required to film at a specific location, we will need to then conduct a site inspection (recce) in order to make sure that the best video is captured. This will involve selecting the best place to conduct an interview for example, so that it causes the minimum disruption to the office, while capturing the best quality sound and footage.

Video Production

Now that all preparations are in place, the filming process can begin. Because of all of the previous planning, this process should be very smooth.

Video editing

After the first edit you, the client should provide as much feedback as possible. At this stage, there should only be very minor changes that need to be made to the video. Once minor changes are made the video is rendered in full master The client will then be provided with the opportunity to view this final version of the video for their approval.

Check out our extensive portfolio by clicking HERE to Vimeo. If you need a Marketing Video produced in Adelaide do not hesitate to contact Philip Hopkins on 0412 245 887 or

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